Our work which involves the use of the following five(5) tools helps them assert their rights to live safely without harassment and fear, obtain decent shelter and food, move freely, access employment, education and healthcare, and enjoy equal protection under the law.

These tools are:

Individualized Legal Counsel and Representation

Our legal advocates help refugees and immigrants address instances of individual rights violations by offering linguistically accessible and culturally appropriate legal advice, counsel and representation. By helping refugees and immigrants obtain legal status, we break down a major barrier and set them on a course to access all other rights, including access to shelter and food, safe and legal employment, healthcare and education, and protection from harm by stopping deportation to countries they are fleeing from. To enable refugees and immigrants to access our services beyond our offices, we also organize Mobile Legal Clinics to bring our assistance directly to remote refugee communities.

Community Legal Empowerment

Know Your Rights training enable refugees and immigrants to understand their options and how to access them. Refugees and immigrants learn how to navigate legal and civic engagement processes so that they can respond to daily rights violations themselves. We also train refugee and immigrant leaders to provide basic rights-based assistance to others in their community with our support. In addition, we also organize workshops for refugee women and offer specialized programs for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence, empowering them to focus on healing with the help of psychosocial specialists.

Case Management

To enable African refugees and immigrants effectively secure the resources they need in order to thrive, we engage in a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, coordination, evaluation, and advocacy for options and services to meet refugees and immigrants need through hands-on approach by being by their side to ensure effective communication and securing available resources to promote quality and effective outcomes.

Strategic Litigation

We undertake litigation of carefully chosen cases with scalable impact at national and regional levels to establish broad legal precedents that improve enforcement of and respect for specific refugee and immigrant rights by the government or private actors.

Policy Advocacy

Our policy advocacy work is aimed at improving specific national, international laws, policies, or practices which prevent refugees and immigrants from enjoying their rights automatically wherever they may be seeking refuge. At national levels, we seek to influence local laws and policies which prevent the smooth integration of refugees and immigrants within various communities; while at the international level we lobby state parties to fulfill their obligations and commitment towards protecting the rights of refugee and immigrant in their countries.